Paper Submission

  All papers received will be peer-reviewed following the usual reviewing standards. All accepted papers will be formally published and available through IEEE Xplore. In order to submit your paper(s), you need to sign in the EasyChair conference management system or create an EasyChair account in case you do not have one.

Privacy Policy

* EasyChair conference management system collects authors' information such as first name, last name, e-mail, country, organization and web site.

* Authors' data also were protected by EasyChiar conference management system.

Deadline of Paper Submission : Feb 10, 2013 Feb 20, 2013

Step 1: Authoring a paper

  Submitted papers shall be up to four-pages long, in double-column format. Papers will be collected through the EasyChair conference management system. Please ensure that the bibliography obeys IEEE rules and is complete, i.e. page numbers, volume, etc, are provided.

* If you are submitting to a special session, you will be required to submit the paper, under the regular submission requirements, by the regular papers submission deadline. Papers submitted to a special session will enter the same system as regular papers(EasyChair), and will be subject to review, and possible rejection. During submission, please select “Special Session Paper” in the “Category” area of the submission form. Moreover, please select the special session title as the only topic for your paper. Special Ssessions are preceded by [SS] in the list of topics.

Step 2: Check your paper format and convert it into PDF file

 All papers must be formatted according to the instructions in the IVMSP 2013 Paper Kit.

Download: the IVMSP 2013 Paper Kit

Download: Document for Creating PDF Files for IEEE Xplore

Download: Format

Download: Templates

* Please read the entire paper kit carefully to verify that your paper document is formatted correctly and that you have all the information you need before starting your paper submission. The paper kit contains detailed instructions on formatting your document and completing the submission process, as well as a description of how the review process works and how to prepare for your presentation at the conference if your paper is accepted.

Step 3: Submit your final paper through EasyChair conference system

  Submit your Final PDF compliant Technical paper at the EasyChair conference management system no later than February 10, 2013 February 20, 2013. If you are submitting a regular paper, please do not select (in the submission form) as topics for your paper those that are preceded by [SS], since these correspond to special sessions.

Step 4: Submit your copyright form

  In order to publish your paper in the proceedings, we must receive your copyright form NO LATER THAN February 10, 2013 February 20, 2013.

  Email a scanned copy of the form (Including your hand written signature) to:

  A signed copy of the IEEE copyright form must be sent for each accepted paper.

    1. Fill in the TITLE of the paper.
    2. Fill in ALL author names.
    3. Please Mark Your PAPER No. in the Upper Right Corner of the form.
    4. NOTE: Please input Title, Author & Paper No. info directly in doc BEFORE printing     the form.
    5. SIGN the form.

* Remember, without the copyright form we can NOT include your paper in the proceedings!