Regular Session - Oral Presentations

* Regular Session 1: 3D Acquisition and Display Hardware
   Session Chair: Antonio Ortega

     R-1. Yuan Xu, Qinghai Zhou, Liwei Gong, Mingcheng Zhu and Robert K. F. Teng, "Study of A FPGA
            Real-Time Multi-Cameras Cylindrical Panorama Video System with Low Latency and High
     R-2. Hyukdoo Choi, Euntai Kim and Gwang-Woong Yang, "Scan Likelihood Evaluation in Fastslam
            using Binary Bayes Filter"
     R-3. Dae-Sik Kim, Ho-Sup Lee and Shestak Sergey, "New Type Flicker-Free 3D Shutter Glass by
            Retardnace Control of LC Cell"
     R-4. Kihyung Kang, Seondeok Hwang, Junghoon Yoon, Soobae Moon, Jongsul Min, Joonhyun Lee
            and Dongchoon Hwang, "Autostereoscopic Display with A Shifted LC Barrier Structure for
            A Wide Viewing Zone"
     R-5. Shinkook Choi and Jongduk Baek, "Multi-Source Inverse Geometry CT(MS-LGCT) System: A
            New Concept of 3D CT Imaging"

* Regular Session 2: 3D Processing and Analysis
   Session Chairs: Jae-Gon Kim, Jin Young Lee

     R-6. Anas Abuzaina, Thamer Alathari, Mark Nixon and John Carter, "Detecting Moving Spheres in
            3D Point Clouds via The 3D Velocity Hough Transform"
     R-7. Stuart Woolford and Ian Burnett, "A Novel One Shot Object Profilometry System using Direct
            Sequence Spread Spectrum Profilometry"
     R-8. Yeejin Lee, Zucheul Lee and Truong Q. Nguyen, "Frame Rate Up Conversion of 3D Video by
            Motion and Depth Fusion"
     R-9. Benjamin Guthier, Johannes Kiess, Stephan Kopf and Wolfgang Effelsberg, "Seam Carving for
            Stereoscopic Video"

* Regular Session 3: Depth Estimation, Analysis & Processing
   Session Chairs: Wonha Kim, Byeongho Choi

     R-10. Lee-Kang Liu, Zucheul Lee and Truong Nguyen, "Sharp Disparity Reconstruction
            using Sparse Disparity Measurement and Color Information"
     R-11. Che-Chun Su, Lawrence Cormack and Alan Bovik, "Depth Estimation from Monocular Color
            Images using Natural Scene Statistics Models"
     R-12. Ahlem Othmani, Alexandre Piboule and Lew F.C. Lew Yan Voon, "Hybrid Segmentation of
            Depth Images using A Watershed and Region Merging Based Method for Tree Species
     R-13. Yaoxue Xing, Yao Zhao, Chunyu Lin, Huihui Bai and Chao Yao, "Depth Down/Up-Sampling
            using Hybrid Correlation for Depth Coding"
     R-14. Zhi Jin, Tammam Tillo, Jimin Xiao and Fei Cheng, "3-D Video Depth Map Quantization Based
            on Lloyd's Algorithm"
     R-15. Hak Gu Kim and Byung Cheol Song, "Automatic Object-based 2D-to-3D Conversion"

* Regular Session 4: 3D Perceptual Quality
   Session Chairs: Chulhee Lee, Jong-Seok Lee

     R-16. Pierre Lebreton, Alexander Raake, Marcus Barkowsky and Patrick Le Callet, "Perceptual
            Preference of S3D over 2D for HDTV in Dependence of Video Quality and Depth"
     R-17. Kwanghyun Lee, Haksub Kim and Sanghoon Lee, "3D Activity Measurement for Stereoscopic
     R-18. Sotirios Delis, Nikos Nikolaidis and Ioannis Pitas, "Automatic Detection of Depth Jump Cuts
            and Bent Window Effects in Stereoscopic Videos"
     R-19. Hosik Sohn, Yong Ju Jung, Seong-Il Lee and Yong Man Ro, "Crosstalk Reduction in
            Stereoscopic Displays: A Combined Approach of Disparity Adjustment and Crosstalk
     R-20. Ming Luo and Adrian Bors, "Minimal Surface Distortion Function for Optimizing 3D