Special Session - Oral Presentations

* Special Session 1: 3D depth map estimation and processing
   Organizers: Gene Cheung, Akira Kubota, Kiyoharu Aizawa, Changick Kim,
                    Wen-Nung Lie

     S-1. Osamu Ikeda, "Compensation for Inter-Reflection and Control of Reflection Coefficient for
            Directional Diffuse Object in Photometric Stereo"
     S-2. Jaekwang Kim, Jaeho Lee, Seung-Ryong Han, Dowan Kim, Jongsul Min and Changick Kim,
            "Trilateral Filter Construction for Depth Map Upsampling"
     S-3. Ji-Ho Cho, Satoshi Ikehata, Hyunjin Yoo, Margrit Gelautz and Kiyoharu Aizawa, "Depth Map
            Up-Sampling using Cost-Volume Filtering"
     S-4. Pengfei Wan, Gene Cheung, Philip A. Chou, Dinei Florencio, Cha Zhang and Oscar C. Au,
            "Precision Enhancement of 3D Surfaces from Multiple Quantized Depth Maps"
     S-5. Thomas Maugey, Antonio Ortega and Pascal Frossard, "Multiview Image Coding using Graph-
            based Approach"

* Special Session 2: Quality of experience of 3D multimedia
   Organizers: Jong-Seok Lee, Patrick Le Callet

     S-6. Bochao Zou, Yue Liu, Yongtian Wang, Tao Huang and Qiudong Zhu, "Effect of Absence on
            Depth Perception"
     S-7. Philippe Hanhart and Touradj Ebrahimi, "Predicting 3D Quality based on Content Analysis"
     S-8. Jing Li, Marcus Barkowsky and Patrick Le Callet, "Subjective Assessment Methodology for
            Preference of Experience in 3DTV"
     S-9. Dogancan Temel and Ghassan Alregib, "Effectiveness of 3VQM in Capturing Depth

* Special Session 3: 3D Reconstruction Systems and Applications
   Organizers: Shang-Hong Lai, James Do Kyoon Kim

     S-10. Fay Huang, Augustine Tsai, Meng-Tsan Li and Jui-Yang Tsai, "Camera Trajectory Recovery for
            Image-based City Street Modeling"
     S-11. Jingu Heo, "3D Depth Analysis of Human Faces"
     S-12. Po-Sen Huang, Wen-Bin Hong, Hsiang-Jen Chien and Chia-Yen Chen, "Extrinsic Calibration of
            A Multi-Beam LIDAR System with Improved Intrinsic Laser Parameters using V-Shaped Planes
            and Infrared Images"
     S-13. Kazuki Matsumoto, Chiyoung Song, Francois de Sorbier and Hideo Saito, "Free Viewpoint
            Video Synthesis using Multi-View Depth and Color Cameras"
     S-14. Hansung Kim and Adrian Hilton, "Planar Urban Scene Reconstruction from Spherical Images
            using Facade Alignment"

* Special Session 4: Video Compression and Its Applications for 3D contents
   Organizer: Donggyu Sim

     S-15. Junghak Nam, Ivan V. Bajić and Donggyu Sim, "Novel Motion Prediction for Multi-View Video
            Coding using Global Disparity"
     S-16. Woong Lim, Donggyu Sim and Ivan V. Bajić, "QP Initialization and Adaptive Mad Prediction
            for Rate Control in HEVC-Based Multi-View Video Coding"
     S-17. Sangsoo Ahn, "Adaptive Loop Filtering based Interview Video Coding in An Hybrid Video
            Codec with MPEG-2 and HEVC for Stereosopic Video Coding"
     S-18. Seungha Yang, Hoyoung Lee, Hiuk Jae Shim and Byeungwoo Jeon, "Fast Inter Mode Decision
            Process for HEVC Encoder"

* Special Session 5: Intelligent analysis and description of 3DTV Content
   Organizers: Nikos Nikolaidis, Anastasios Tefas, Patrick Ndjiki-Nya, Axel Roebel

     S-19. Masanori Sano, Werner Bailer, Alberto Messina, Jean-Pierre Evain and Mike Matton, "The
            MPEG-7 Audiovisual Description Profile (AVDP) and its Application to Multi-view Video"
     S-20. Matthew Grum and Adrian Bors, "3D Scene Correction using disparities with its Projections"
     S-21. Amin Banitalebi-Dehkordi, Mahsa T. Pourazad and Panos Nasiopoulos, "3D Video Quality
            Metric for 3D Video Compression"
     S-22. Alexandros Iosifidis, Anastasios Tefas and Ioannis Pitas, "View-Independent Human Action
            Recognition based on Multi-View Action Images and Discriminant Learning"
     S-23. Giannis Chantas, Nikos Nikolaidis and Ioannis Pitas, "A Bayesian Methodology for Visual
            Object Tracking on Stereo Sequences"

* Special Session 6: 3D Content Generation and Communication
   Organizers: C.-C. Jay Kuo, Xiangyang Ji, Xun Cao

     S-24. Hao Cheng, Zhixiang You, Ping An and Zhaoyang Zhang, "Structure Optimization for Multi-
            View Acquisition and Stereo Display System"
     S-25. Weicheng Huang, Xun Cao, Ke Lu, Qionghai Dai and Alan Bovik, "Towards Naturalistic Depth
     S-26. Min Soo Ko, Dong Wook Kim and Jisang Yoo, "A New Common-Hole Filling Algorithm for
            Virtual View Synthesis With A Probability Mask"
     S-27. Hyunsuk Ko, Chang-Su Kim, Seo Young Choi and C.-C. Jay Kuo, "3D Image Quality Index
            using SDP-based Binocular Perception Model"

* Special Session 7: 3D reconstruction and immersive environments
   Organizers: Hyoung Joong Kim, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Petros Daras

     S-28. Alexandros Doumanoglou, Stylianos Asteriadis, Dimitrios Alexiadis, Dimitrios Zarpalas and
            Petros Daras, "A Dataset of Kinect-based 3D scans"
     S-29. Yixian Liu, Xinyu Lin, Qianni Zhang and Ebroul Izquierdo, "Improved Indoor Scene Geometry
             Recognition from Single Image based on Depth Map"
     S-30. Dimitrios Alexiadis, Dimitrios Zarpalas and Petros Daras, "Real-Time, Realistic Full-Body 3D
            Reconstruction and Texture Mapping from Multiple Kinects"
     S-31. Mahammad Tariq Mahmood, "Shape from Focus by Total Variation"

* Special Session 8: 3D tele-immersive presence with depth camera
   Organizers: Dongbo Min, Minh N. Do

     S-32. Oliver Schreer, Ingo Feldmann, Wolfgang Waizenegger, Marian Bertzen and Nicole Atzpadin,
            "User-Feedback and Optimization for Multi-View Calibration"
     S-33. Wei Yong Eng, Dongbo Min, Viet-Anh Nguyen, Jiangbo Lu and Minh Do, "Gaze Correction for
            3D Tele-Immersive Communication System"
     S-35. Yunseok Song and Yo-Sung Ho, "Simplified Inter-Component Depth Modeling in 3D-HEVC"